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Socialized cats are fully domesticated and comfortable around humans, while feral cats have had little to no human contact and are basically wild animals. His job includes tweeting, purring, taking selfies, rolling in catnip, and advocating for animal rights. “Carefully confine them to a small room, like a bathroom, and clear the room of anything harmful,” Becky Robinson advises. “Cats are animals that seek pleasure and attention,” she says. Most veterinarians believe that feral cats cannot be tamed, though animal rescue agents often disagree. Shadow the PR Cat is the Goodwill Ambassador at Alexis Chateau PR. Building a physical relationship with the stray cat is the next step, and we think this to be the most important step in the taming process. The kitten which acts the most ferocious is just the most scared, but it is capable of giving you a nasty scratch or bite and will probably try to escape if given the chance. Tips on taming a semi feral cat kitten? Plenty of scratches and bites, but I was persistent. As licensed veterinary technician and volunteer, Mike Phillips, says in his video Tough Love: Socializing Feral Kittens, “Cats domesticate themselves. The cat will be understandably nervous and require a place to hide when overwhelmed. But with patience, respect, and lots of treats, your semi-feral can grow to love you, too! Tammy Browne, Director at Montego Bay Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter animal shelter in Jamaica, says, “You can try to play with toys and use treats to encourage the cat to be friendlier.” Mike Philips agrees, and adds that the best time to work with kittens is at mealtime. As I mentioned before, if a cat interacts with you and judges the experience to be positive, they will keep coming back. Thanks for all you’ve done!! Most times, semi-feral cats can be domesticated and live happy and healthy lives with their humans. You and Lucas can enjoy games together with toys, and he doesn’t have to cow-tow to Max. The next step will be getting him used to the rest of you. So have an open mind when the adoption center presents you with a feral cat that’s been socialized. According to Robinson, almost all cats can be tamed, just remember to be patient, stick to a schedule, respect her natural needs, interact with her every day, and provide lots of treats! Although it is a slow, difficult process, taming a semi-feral cat is possible. Just imagine a large bear captured you and put you in her den. It’s so rewarding! Breakthrough(! Until I found this group I really didn’t have any experience with feral cats. Feral cats typically live short and difficult lives. We noticed a few months ago a snow leoppard bengal cat in our neighborhood, it mainly hung around the neighbors house. Understand that socializing a semi-feral is a process, and it won’t happen overnight. A totally feral cat will be the one that stays as far from you as possible. It sounds like Max might be a little jealous of Lucas but it’s good that they don’t fight. You want to start by building a separate bond with Lucas, one that doesn’t involve Max. “If you put a boombox on top of something, it vibrates the floor or desk”. Ignoring an animal that you are trying to socialize may seem like silly advice, but according to Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, snubbing a semi-feral kitty will pique its curiosity and force it to make the first move. While some semi-feral cats can be tamed in a matter of weeks, it usually takes several months or even an entire year before they completely come around. Some of them do like music, in fact, I have one that loves Cher. These products can help calm and comfort cats using essential oils or extracts or by mimicking natural feline pheromones.”. The feral cat should remain in an enclosed area until she becomes more comfortable with you and her new environment. Because of this, when you embark on your adventure with your semi-feral cat, remember to be patient and to respect their space. These boys never do anything wrong, seriously. I wouldn’t have missed a minute of their care. The volunteers were very worried I would not adjust and could not be socialized, but the PR team that took me in was able to tame me in just 3 short weeks. The rest will observe me and watch my every move. For example, be sure to offer some cat food to the cat at the same time and in the same place every day, … Have Patience. Lots of useful insight & advice here. Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Seem Drawn to “Non-Cat People”? The next how to tame a feral cat is approaching your cat little by little, don’t rush! Some may tame up … While Lucas was on the table getting his exam, and shots. He has been living indoors for 2 years now, not a single whimper to go outside. I am so happy as this week we have made progress with taming our feral cat, Fermi. OMGoodness. I have another 16 in a variety of stages of socialization. [5] X Research source [6] X Research s… It breaks my heart. “A lot of cats and kittens are very scared of music. It’s the vibrations,” she warns. It usually will not eat while you are present, but will hide or stay at a safe distance until you are gone. Semi-feral cats take a lot of coaxing and letting them approach you will build trust. ...Isolate the Cat for a While. They choose out of self-interest”. It’s important to accept that many feral/wild adult cats never tame or take months or years to do so. They are very scared and they have to defend themselves.”. Once you have welcomed your new semi-feral kitty into your home, there is still work to be done. Maybe he’s the runt? She had never done that before… I think Lucas knows you love him – if nothing else, you feed him and make sure he never goes hungry and you keep him safe and warm. They are usually terrified of humans. Before taming feral cats it is necessary to consider the fact that an adult feral cat may require a few months or even a year to socialise. Ow if I try, he runs away. Then I started whispering to him, and moving my hand slowly in a petting motion. He’ll sleep on my pillow next to me. I love watching them and figuring out their behaviours. The trick is to proceed slowly. I can definitely pet them, but they freak out if you try to pick them up. But if your little guy likes it, you’re in luck. It’s also important to ensure your cat has room to hide, and flee, if it comes down to it. Granted, they didn’t like other bipeds, but they liked, or at least tolerated me. So Max gets mad and leaves the room. I inherited a feral colony June 2015. At the same time, providing too much space can also be overwhelming and lead to trouble – especially with curious kittens. Unlike feral cats, semi-feral cats are vocal and may make eye-contact with you, even if they don’t allow you to touch them. However, if you are trying to learn how to tame a feral cat or considering taming a feral kitten, you've come to the right place for information. Semi-feral cats or stray cats are similar to feral cats because they've lived in the wild for a good part of their lives. Understand that socializing a semi-feral is a process, and it won’t happen overnight. I have a couple of semi-feral cats that I rescued in 2011 that were born in my neighborhood and came to live in my yard when they were about 6 weeks old. Because it was the day I was adopted. I have a fully domesticated cat that was feral. By ignoring a cat, you are forcing them to make the first move. This article explains the joy we have experienced of our cat being happier and less feral. It’s widely understood that wild cats became domesticated in the first place because they became content with the idea of having access to regular meals, so if you’re thinking about taming a feral cat in your neighborhood, you’ll want to begin by establishing some sort of routine around food. Semi-feral cats fall somewhere in between. Good luck and thank you for saving this sweet little guy. Commonly referred to as a social cat by some animal rescue experts, a semi-feral is a cat or kitten who has had some experience with humans in the past.
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