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He steals gambling chips in order to win the evening's prize and admits in a talking head interview, "I love stealing things" and "Oh, I steal things all the time. For example, he takes a toy from a toy drive drop box[13] and returns $40 to Michael; when Michael says that he didn't give Creed the money, Creed tells him, "In a way, you did," implying that he stole it from Michael. Personal Information He places his wedding card on another guest's gift,[15] and blatantly stares at Pam's chest when she wears a low-cut sweater. He swears at a confused Erin when she does his resolution. Creed Bratton the character is an extension of Creed Bratton the actor. He later tells the camera, "If that's flashing, then lock me up. You can contribute to Dunderpedia by rewriting the copied content. In addition to that, he was once a member of a band by the name The Grass Roots. Because he is typically very quiet, most of his coworkers are not sure what he does there—something of which Creed himself is also unsure. He was born on November 1st, 1925. In "A Benihana Christmas," he joins Karen and Pam's party and performs a real song of his, "Spinnin' N Reelin'". Creed later says that it is to receive the blood. Creed Bratton is, of course, best known for playing Dunder Mifflin quality assurance director Creed for eight years on NBC’s The Office.Bratton’s bizarre character injected a healthy dose of absurdity into every episode for all nine seasons of the hit show. It is soon revealed that Dwight is also wearing the same costume. When Michael tells him that they have discovered a murder and he is a suspect, Creed steps out under the guise of settling at his desk, but is caught by the camera running back to his car and fleeing the parking lot (this is possibly an allusion to the disappearance of the "other" Creed Bratton as mentioned in "Crime Aid"). Creed was additionally briefly romantically involved with Meredith Palmer.[4]. First During his years on the sitcom, he also appeared in several short and independent films. He correctly identifies the strain of marijuana ("Northern Lights" Cannabis indica) in a picture Dwight shows him. In "The Convict", Karen Filippelli is seen playing with Hannah Smoterich-Barr's baby. Creed appears not to be bound by moral guidelines, exhibited most notably by his kleptomania. In a deleted scene in "The Convict," he tells of a wine that he made while in prison in the toilets and then says, "God, I miss that stuff". He snacks on nutritious mung bean sprouts, which he keeps stashed in his desk on a damp paper towel, though he admits that "they smell like death". "I go to the woman's bathroom to do number two. Creed Bratton's talent for acting and music began at a young age. I stopped caring a long time ago." He now serves as the quality assurance manager. The passport indicates that he was born on February 8, 1943, the real Creed Bratton's birthdate. 1943), he would have turned 18 in 1961, which was a VERY conservative era. For Creed Bratton, music is something that he knew he was meant to do. Born Little is known about Creed's life outside the office. When confronted about the picture, he states he was "at the right place at the right time.". Novak has said that the actual Creed Bratton is exactly like the character he plays, except that the real Creed is a good-hearted and likable person, while Bratton's character has a very dark side to him. He is seen being removed from Dunder Mifflin by police, after hiding from them for about a year, as revealed by Dwight, while giving his final interview. Creed also readily enters into "an alliance" with Dwight to, if necessary, take violent action against Jim—Dwight fears Jim was bitten by the bat and may turn into a vampire, or perhaps merely carries the "vampiric germ". When Jim says he already has a fiancée, Creed says, "I thought you were gay". Creed is also seen "planking" in the episode. Several episodes have shown him to be either senile or extremely absent-minded. This is perhaps a reference to the Creedish Death Cult, a fictional religious organization in Chuck Palahniuk's novel "Survivor". About. Creed Bratton is an American musician. In "Frame Toby", Creed shows concern when two policemen show up at the office looking for narcotics. He is best known as a cast member on the NBC comedy series The Office, where he plays a fictionalized version of himself. One such character whose sporadic appearances still end up being a highlight in their own right is none other than Creed Bratton, who chimes in with some of the more entertaining quips and remarks in the show. Also, when Jim approaches Creed for a $3 donation for Kelly's birthday party, Creed hands Jim a $3 bill with George W. Bush's face on it. In "Whistleblower", when Gabe is interviewing everyone to try and conclude who leaked to the press that Sabre's printers catch on fire, Creed exits his interview with him, remarking that he's "very relieved" to "learn" it wasn't Gabe. In "Product Recall", his negligence leads to paper being sent out with an obscene watermark. In a talking head interview, Creed gleefully says "I love stealing. In another episode, when Oscar returns from vacation to find Dwight no longer working at Dunder-Mifflin, Creed tells him that Dwight was decapitated (mistaking Dwight leaving for Ed Truck's death and Michael making them have a funeral for a bird to cope with his grief). In another video on, he states that "some kid he sold weed to got a job in Corporate" (implying Ryan). Workplace And I've got a front row seat". In "Lotto", Creed says that by being born in the United States, he has already "won the lottery". Later, when Darryl's daughter Jada is handing out bags of chips she purchased from the vending machines out to the staff, Creed takes a different bag from her than the one she tried to give to him. Once revealed, his kleptomania returns in subsequent episodes, either explicitly or implicitly. It was about the fictional version of Bratton. Outside of work, Creed teeters on the edge of homelessness and has professed his willingness to do whatever it takes to avoid becoming homeless again. Status He is discovered by the other members of Dunder Mifflin living in Ryan's old closet in the office after the warehouse party, at which point he plays one last song to his co-workers before being led away by the police. Portrayed by One of the greatest line I ever heard in a TV show. Creed can be counted on to shirk nearly all responsibility, ranging from informal office duties such as spring cleaning[1] to his primary job responsibilities. ", In "The Job", Creed blogs about Pam's speech at the beach in his "blog," which is actually a Word document that Ryan, unwilling to expose an unprepared human race to the innermost workings of Creed's brain, opens up on his computer. Creed Bratton from The Office talks about the show, being in The Grass Roots in the 60's, and much more. The actor who played Creed says that Creed is probably on the run from the Scranton police department which is possibly confirmed by a TV interview with Creed (but it is unknown if that interview was canon). Upon learning that the branch will not be closing, he uses the money to buy the staff drinks. Biographical Information In "Casual Friday" he reveals he has a daughter and tries to hook Jim up with her. Creed calls "Darnell" a "Chump", claiming he would have done it for anything of value, and that he has done "a lot more for a lot less". In the season premiere "Nepotism", Creed participates with his co-workers by playing a Fender when they perform a lip dub to "Nobody but Me", with the intention of placing the video on the Internet. In "Fun Run", Creed states that he will soon be 82. Creed's costume choice upsets Kevin, who wears the same costume. In "Scott's Tots", Creed joins the rest of the office in voicing his displeasure at the fact that Jim unknowingly named himself employee of the month and then followed up by naming Pam, his wife, as employee of the month, as she was next on the list. In the next episode ("Dunder Mifflin Infinity"), attempting to look young, he dyes his hair black (with ink from a printer cartridge from a printer in the office) and says that he is 30 years old. In a deleted scene from "Christmas Party," Creed reveals to Oscar Martinez that he was "Wacky Weed Creed," a radio DJ, during the 1970s. In "Job Fair", Creed referred to Angela as "pumpkin", indicating that he had forgotten her name completely, as opposed to botching it by calling her "Andrea". He steals gambling chips in order to win the evening's prize and admits in a talking head interview, "I love stealing things" and "Oh, I steal things all the time. In "The Search", Creed's picture is seen twice on the wall of a Chinese restaurant with others who have dined there without paying, once with his normal hair color and once with his hair dyed like it was in "Dunder Mifflin Infinity". ... "It's old Creed Bratton coming at you again. In "Christening", Creed attends the christening of Jim and Pam's baby, Cece, and he and Darryl fall asleep next to each other. In the Halloween episode "Here Comes Treble", Creed has bloodstains all over his face and shirt. In fact, much of what he does say is either unsettling or downright disturbing, sometimes even describing violent crimes he claims to have committed or plans to commit. Creed Bratton is an American actor, musician, and former member of The Grass Roots mainly known for playing a fictional version of himself on "The Office" on NBC. He had a interest in music since his childhood as both of his parents were involved with muical career. In a deleted scene, he swallows all of Meredith's painkillers and leaves none for an incredulous Meredith to take. At the end of the episode, when Michael is taking his last look at the Dunder Mifflin staff, Creed lifts up Michael's "World's Best Boss" coffee mug (which Michael had thrown out earlier in the episode) and says "See ya tomorrow, boss," making him the last person to talk to him in the actual office (Pam says goodbye to Michael at the airport, shortly before he takes off.). He even goes so far as to recruit a very elderly couple to pose as his parents for a family portrait, when it is unlikely that his actual parents could still be alive, given his own age. The forgotten Creed website The Office fans can still visit. NBC provided the character with an actual blog. In a deleted scene, when Dwight dresses up fancily to Pretty Woman the Mall, Creed gives him a pipe and tells him to take good care of it, since it belonged to a museum. Creed drives a 1980s Lincoln Town Car, a car that Michael believes was named after the first president in "New Leads" (Michael erroneously believes Abraham Lincoln was the first president of the United States). Andy tries to defend his song from the rest of the office when it is poorly received, but only when Creed says that he likes it does Andy know it is truly terrible. In "Chair Model", he is anxious for Michael to get a new chair, as Pam gets Michael's old chair and he gets Pam's. In a deleted scene in "Niagara", Creed tells Meredith that the restaurant where they are dining used to be the base of operations for his cigarette smuggling operation. Like the real Creed Bratton, The Office character was a member of a rock band in the late ’60s. Describing the content of the blog, Ryan says, "Even for the Internet, it's pretty shocking." When Creed actually does get through to a client, to distract him Pam quickly gives him two identical pictures and informs him that corporate has asked that he find at least seven differences between them (to which Creed immediately replies "I can see one already.") Creed's lack of shame or morals extends beyond mere kleptomania. When she asks him to go away, he says "in a minute.". Unlike most characters of this version of The Office, he has no analog in the original BBC series despite sharing similar lines in the pilot episode with the character of Malcolm. He also asks Jim about his "friend," even though there's no one else but Jim present. Creed says "not cool, man" after seeing Gabe barge in. Creed Bratton… Alive [11] He lives in Toronto, spending three nights a week there in order to milk the welfare state, and surreptitiously sleeps under his desk the remainder of the week. New paragraph." Creed Bratton as Creed Bratton. But the actor has another claim to fame: he’s an accomplished musician with nearly 50 years of experience under his belt… and a new record titled While the Young Punks Dance out on April 6. ", In a deleted scene from "Booze Cruise," he takes an electric guitar from a failing Michael and performs a blues hit to an enthusiastic reception. In "Classy Christmas", Creed refers to Holly Flax as "one sassy black lady", giving us yet another example of how he tends to misidentify people. [5] In the season 2 episode "The Carpet", when Creed smells human feces in Michael's office he says, "Is someone making soup?" Which could imply that he is hiding drugs in the office that he never told anyone about it. [6] He has been caught stealing at least twice by Jim. Michael Scott | Dwight Schrute | Jim Halpert | Pam Beesly | Ryan Howard | Andy Bernard | Kevin Malone | Stanley Hudson | Angela Martin | Phyllis Vance | Meredith Palmer | Creed Bratton | Oscar Martinez | Kelly Kapoor | Toby Flenderson | Darryl Philbin | Erin Hannon | Gabe Lewis, Jan Levinson | Roy Anderson | David Wallace | Nellie Bertram | Karen Filippelli | Robert California | Holly Flax | Pete Miller | Clark Green | Bob Vance | Todd Packer | Mose Schrute | Hank Tate | Nate Nickerson | Val Johnson | Robert Lipton | Cathy Simms | Helene Beesly | Glenn | Hidetoshi Hasagawa | Madge Madsen | Esther Bruegger | Nick | Jo Bennett | Deangelo Vickers | Charles Miner, Claims to have been born November 1, 1925 (age 95 [possibly]). It's just something I do. Creed also was seen searching through Pam's desk in Season 4 episode 2. [5], Creed believes that his blog URL is\creedthoughts, but his "blog" is actually a Word document with the title expressly chosen to look like a URL, set up by Ryan Howard, wanting to "protect the world from being exposed to Creed's brain". Children Throughout most of the series, Creed has the most seniority and is the oldest at the Scranton branch. In the episode titled "Local Ad," Jim buys breakfast for Pam because she slept at her desk all night. Michelle (daughter) Creed Bratton When Michael and Dwight are informed of their mistake by Erin, the staff tries to fit everything back into the box.
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