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GEEKING. consuming crack cocaine by Thea Winbush Report definition. I signed up for Jonathan Trapp’s 5 day Parkour course a couple of days ago. Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Contact Us, Cheek, Creek, Dominique, Greek, Martinique. Bookmark the permalink. by Johnie Report definition when you get too excited about something, or someone. (SIGHS) Recorded in many forms including Geek, Geekin, Geekings, Jagg, Jagge, Jack, Jek, Jeak, Jeakes, Jekins and Jeakings, this interesting surname is of early medieval English origin. Traduzioni in contesto per "geeking" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: I told you I was geeking out. geekin': (geek-in) verb. Laughter is often accompanied by tears and occurs, most often, in the early stages of one's relationship with … Learn the translation for ‘geekiness’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. Appropriate Use. Date night with the bae and Jim @JimGaffigan. Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Contact Us. "wow, hes geekin." Jaa: (Jah) adverb. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. Geekin out unknown The act of two or more individuals becoming entranced in a conversation about geeky suject matter. Geekin’unknown. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Guy one: bro you geekin ’?!?!? All the definitions on AZdictionary were written by people just like you. This was 100% of all the recorded Mc Geekin's in the USA. Overly excited about a simple thing; excited about something that most people would not find exciting. In 1880 there were 2 Mc Geekin families living in Pennsylvania. Definition of geeking in the dictionary. About 12 years ago, my best friend and i made up our own language. ass n. [sense 1 SE ass, a donkey; subseq. A geek does not have to be smart, a Geek is someone who is generaly not athletic, and enjoys Video Games; Comic Books; being on the internet, and etc. geeking ist eine flektierte Form von geek. by Carie Report definition To be high away from almost any tablet, Xanax, Percocet, Extacy, Molly, Etc. Posted in Adventuring with Friends, Geekin' Out and tagged Sdcc, sdcc2013, tired, worthit. Geekin. I'm totally geeking that I won that bean grinder on eBay. Laughing, abnormally and uncontrollably, due to the consumption of Marijuana. Home; Browse; Search; Bibliography; About. Posted on August 15, 2013 by franxample. how somebody acts if intoxicated down a drink or a drug. Regular definitions added and latest articles, Copyright © 2010 - 2021 by AZdictionary. by Jha11 May 07, 2020. Those two are totally geekin out over the size of their hard drives . With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and … Somehow the whole … Now's your chance to add your own! Tweeter. Example: “You look jaa like Tom Cruise.” or “I fell asleep during the quiz because I was jaa like tired.” Posted on January 20, 2012 by whereiscaucasia | Tagged education, high school, slang, urban dictionary, vocabulary | Leave a reply Bama Aside. Now's your chance to add your own! Traducciones en contexto de "geeking" en inglés-español de Reverso Context: I'm still geeking out about it! Posted in Geekin' Out, Lamentface, Obsessions, Sadface :/ and tagged 20thcentury, augustus, caleb, divergent, ew, hasel, omgwhy, summit, thefaultinourstars, tris. or Teacher - "Put the cell phone away." The Mc Geekin family name was found in the USA in 1880. “Geeking” is also used to describe the paranoia seen in people using crack. Only a geek would waste their time on the … 1.When a person can not stop laughing for anything due to intake of drugs or alcohol 2.When a person is entirely too slap happy. All Rights Reserved. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. a peculiar person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual, unfashionable, or socially awkward. What does geeking expression mean? Parkour: Jonathan Trapp Style. Geeking (the "App") is intended to provide users with a platform to meet and communicate with like-minded individuals. ... Get a geekin mug for your barber Nathalie. Alle weiteren Informationen findest du im Haupteintrag geek. geekin in Community Dictionary Any behavior caused by cocaine usage. We believe that everyone should have the power to create and share ideas, without barriers. geeking out. what nate said in the chat. 1515–16: Skelton Magnyfycence line 1386: They drove me to lernynge lyke a dull asse. Many translated example sentences containing "geeking" – Greek-English dictionary and search engine for Greek translations. Green’s Dictionary of Slang. See more words with the same meaning: a nerd, geek, dork . All the definitions on AZdictionary were written by people just like you. senses see also arse n.] 1. an unpleasant person, esp. GEEKING in Community Dictionary. 1. sort of, somewhat 2. close to, almost. of inanimate object (see cite 1930). geeking phrase. slang for masturbating / self pleasuring. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. Trippin in our language was spelled 'ghikkin' so that's the term we used when we were on LSD. 1. strongly enforcing unimportant rules, 2. making a big deal out of small infractions, 3. acting like an overbearing parent Example: Teacher - "Please take your hat off." All Rights Reserved. Most people chose this as the best definition of geeking: Present participle of gee... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Mc Geekin families in 1880. Definition of geeking in the Idioms Dictionary. It means " trippin ". a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken. Posted in Epic Living, Geekin' Out and tagged basics, fail, Jonathan Trapp, pawesome, win, wobbly. by Darlena Report definition.
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