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Also I am interested in why you feel drawn to “top” FM programs. . New for the current ERAS Season Osteopathic Recognized! List Map Favorites NEW. Thank you! disagree with this... although rare, I went to an opposed program but rotated in and felt welcome in all the specialty clinics we rotated through. Procedural training can vary a lot though. Feel free to PM me with questions as I plan to apply to about 3/4 of the programs in your list. Some things to consider: the definition of a top program will vary depending on what you want to do in family medicine. You may also be deduced to working under NPs/PAs on specialty rotations and not learn much on a lot of rotations. I am drawn to the idea of an unopposed program for the freedom and the perception that I would learn more, taught directly by attendings. It's hard to believe it now, but there was a time when family medicine didn't have its own certifying board. Thank you for coming to the party! Much better learning. Good luck with your interviews and matching! Hi Reddit Friends – I am a 3rd year DO student interested in family medicine and needing some advice for moving forward into 4th year and applying for residency. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. - Extracurriculars are very important for FM. I have a hard time imagining a downside to unopposed programs. I would recommend that guide your program choice more than the opposed/unopposed question. If you go somewhere rural, your patient volume might not be as high, which compromises your training. If you are looking for a family medicine residency personal statement sample or personal statement quotes, you can find many online. This is extremely hospital dependent. But to copy from an online source is not a good idea. List Map Favorites NEW. Different programs can prepare you for different paths. And to play devil's advocate on the last example. At the very least, if the program is strong and a good fit that might weigh more than just oppose vs unopposed. What are some things I should consider when comparing them? I'm a third year medical student interested in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Look out how much the rural hospital transfers patients out. Unopposed programs do give you the most opportunity. We rotated through EVERY department (most importantly their clinics - even wound care) and because the system was so overloaded, we were taught how to initiate care for most conditions (even DMARDs for rheumatologic cases) prior to sending them in to the specialist. I know this is not the usual, and most opposed programs face a very real possibility of a less 'breadth-y' education, but I walked away learning a great deal of things that I heard friends at unopposed programs say, "yeah, we just sent that out" - meaning they just referred them out to a specialist. I'm a current 4th year med student applying to FM. You have to know what type of FM you want to practice too. This was my feeling but haven't really heard from any one in an opposed program who feels they are not getting adequate exposure or would not be prepared to work in a smaller community. I think this one varies greatly depending on if you're applying to more academic vs. community programs, but I think relatively variable. Questions to ask residency programs by questionsgems. I’m at St. Joseph’s Phoenix/Barrow Neuro Center now and have never seen a bedside LP, biopsy or chest tube DC. 2230-0821. This exciting program offers the best of two worlds – the strength of a large academic medical center and collaboration among leading community hospitals. some general info on competitiveness, as an MS4 hoping to match in a month: - In terms of step 1/step 2 scores, FM cares way less about this than other specialties. I’ve interviewed at purely unopposed hospitals where the community OB docs don’t let the fm residents do as much as academic programs. I'm a third year in a fully opposed tertiary care center. This program is a one year appointment as a clinical lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine. I was fortunate to score > 250 on both step 1/step 2 and it was never mentioned. Just a nurse who loves my med students and residents lurking here, but I worked at Ventura County Medical Center and am very close with many of their residency program grads. In 2019 so far, FREIDA™ users have tallied more than 556,000 views of family medicine residency programs. Family Medicine Residency Positions in New York (NY) There are 41 Family Medicine programs in New York. They are more interested in the applicant as a person and their ability to work with children effectively. Post Residency, Fellowship, or Attending vacant position in Family Medicine How close you are to family, loved ones, the type of training environment, the opportunities available are all things to take into consideration above and beyond name recognition of a program. And the most bedside procedures. I really appreciate you sharing your experience. Ample research opportunities are provided to take advantage of resources such as the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS) led by Dr. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir and the Research PET/MRI Program at Stanford. 3 Hospice and Palliative Medicine • CAQ as of 2008, 80-90% fill rate of 299 spots • Cosponsored by 10 specialty boards (FM, IM, Peds, EM, OB/Gyn, Anaesth, PM&R, Unopposed 100%. Press J to jump to the feed. Some of those programs I've listed are unopposed and/or have rural medicine tracks. Now prospective hospitalists—about a third of whom will complete their residency training in internal medicine—have an answer. Please feel free to post interesting articles, updates, or news. Plenty of solid “opposed” programs exist that let you do everything you’d get to do in an unopposed one. Filter them out if those other residencies narrow the breadth of Fm you’ll get to do. Thank you! I was really just curious what it takes to be a competitive applicant at these programs.
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