We can’t think of anything that might have triggered the change in behavior. I've seen him almost lift it but that's about it. As a result he sometimes pees on his front legs and needs to be cleaned often. Both male and female dogs may use urine marking to claim their territory, show their dominance in a pack hierarchy, advertise their readiness for a mate or just to communicate with other dogs. In my research, female urine marking appears to be more common in small dogs, especially chihuahuas. He might squat permanently -- no biggie. Why does my dog lift his leg like he's going to pee on me/people but doesn't? UPDATE: Well, finally at the age of 4, our male dog stopped squatting to pee, and he started to lift his leg instead. Max doesn't lift his leg but he pee's on himself fairly often. Answer Save. Wolf Femme. Even a housebroken dog may occasionally use urine marking. So that he doesn't pee on his leg. Many males do not lift their leg until they are mentally mature, this is usually around 2-3 years. Lv 7. My 8 mo old puppy has really never been around too many dogs and was squatting to pee until this week. Quite often the object is something new or different with unfamiliar smells that has come into the house but not necessarily so. Anonymous. Dog’s don’t like to pee in a diaper! There are only theories about urination styles, including one that surmises that males lift their back legs to better mark territory, as well as to spray higher and appear bigger to other pups who sniff their urine. Most dog parents (or just humans aware of dogs' existence) know that many male dogs lift their legs to pee. I think, but not sure, that is a big reason why they lift they're leg. Sometimes he goes to the swing set and lifts his leg and urinates on the pole and not on himself. Il y a 1 décennie. How can I stop my dog from peeing on people’s shoes when we’re at the dog park? Lv 7. When or will he start to lift his leg? Some suggestions discussed included signing up for doggie obedience classes, spay or neutering your dog, and visiting your vet. It was almost as if it happened overnight! I’m thinking it’s about size insecurity. Pertinence . This isn't a universal trait -- some males still prefer to squat when they go -- but it gives the dog greater ability to urinate on a vertical surface. 1 decade ago. By lifting their rear leg to pee, male dogs are better able to spread their scent. My Shepherd started lifting his leg about a half inch off the ground around 8 months, at a year he would lift it just fine but he wouldn't always pee ON something, which means a few dead (grass) spots in the yard, but now he pees on trees and fences and he is 21 months old. How old is your dog, though? My 6 month old, unaltered (don't worry, he's already scheduled to get fixed next month) Aussie mix never lifts his leg when he pees. "Say, if a male dog who has always lifted his leg suddenly stops, and starts squatting." like a male. Kinda like when you were a kid. While this stop-and-go type peeing can disrupt a walk, it’s not doing harm to your dog. It’s okay. He pees either way. I think he's fully grown but he still doesn't lift his leg to pee. 7 years ago. Customer reply replied 8 years ago. Most dogs, however, are not so fastidious. There are several common reasons why a dog might pee on another dog. A little female doesn’t want other dogs knowing how tiny she is. Raised urine spray also is more likely to be picked up and have the scent travel in the wind. However, some dogs appear to not acquire the skill through normal means. She is a dominant female and they tend to lift their legs. When a male dog is about a year old, he may start lifting up one of his hind legs when he urinates. To other dogs, a higher stain appears to have been made by a larger dog. Favorite Answer. I see him lifting his leg like a bigger dog would. This ensures that the dog cannot lift his leg in secret. He’s done that to a couple of people and now I’m paranoid as soon as he starts getting too close to someone. It's just preference, Some men like to stand to pee, but sometimes a nice sitting pee is more enjoyable. Leg lifting essentially gets their urine up higher – close or at most dog’s nose level. Why won't my male dog lift his leg to pee? 18 réponses. My dog lifts his leg to pee and every darn time that pee hits his front legs and he is 3. By raising leg and marking around this area, the male dog instinct makes them think it is his territory, so if other male "wolf is what dogs were made from hundreds of years ago that is why there are different breed" so if other male dog/wolf comes by they should not be coming within his "your dogs property!" able to walk without a limp. He is letting other dogs know that he is ready to confront other dogs or engage in a conflict if it’s necessary. This is called a dry mark and is usually made by male dogs. Sometimes he goes EVERYWHERE. He some times lifts it but not all the time is something wrong with him ??? So "things" aren't in the way. Why doesn't my dog lift his leg to pee at all times ?!?!?!? Many behavior experts actually recommend that you literally tie the dog to your waist when going through intense housetraining. DP. Remember that he hangs and that a hang would not be aimed in a good direction if he just stood and went. My dog is 11. Also, with most male dogs, if they squatted it would touch the ground and they would pee on themselves. 0 0. Every now and then my male dog will lift his leg as if he's going to pee on my boyfriend and I, our friends, and sometimes our couch, but he never actually pee's on anything. When a dog lifts his leg is a strong visual sign for other dogs. It has to do with sheath opening and confirmation. He is trying to lift his leg to urinate, but no urine is coming out? I have an 8 month old siberian husky pup, hes already bigger than most other dogs we ever see in the park, his weight is 61 pounds, and yet still the damn pup wets himself everytime he goes to pee. One explanation, which makes the least sense, is that they do this in an effort to avoid peeing on themselves. If he’s real young, it may be because of that. My old dog was fixed right away as a puppy and he never lifted his leg to pee. my sisters intact male yorkie would lift his leg when he was alone or around a female in season but get him around my dog zoe who was "top dog" and he would squat he wouldnt lift his leg around her. In very difficult cases, use a belly band. He was a little awkward in doing so though, probably because it was new to him and he is learning how to do it. If the dog is young, this may be why. I don't know where to begin to correct his or if I even can correct it. Leaving his message doesn’t take a lot of urine, which is sometimes why you’ll see your dog lift a leg on every tree and pole possible. If he’s older, then possibly he has some pain (like arthritis) if he lifts his leg. At least before he would spread his legs wide to pee so he wouldn't do it on himself but lately he doesn't even bother to do that, he just pees and goes on to wet himself. you dont HAVE to smack him you can give him a … The dog will lift his hind leg and mark urine on practically any object in your house. :crazy: As far as I understand, the leg is hiked to mark. For the most part, this is a marking-related urge—and one that's much more common among male dogs who aren't neutered. Why does my Siberian husky lift his leg but not pee? My 18-month old Bouvier has recently started raising his leg and peeing on certain people’s shoes/legs whenever we’re at the dog park. Dog Veterinarian: CriticalCareVet, ER/ICU Specialist replied 8 years ago. And not until we got older did we start standing up to tinkle..lol Réponse préférée. Today, all of a sudden, he started trying to lift one of his hind legs to pee on trees (like most other male dogs do). When he does this, he’s leaving a brief message, but also using his body language to tell other dogs walking by that he is establishing a presence. My old dog did the same thing but he would switch off every now and then he would pee differently, I thought it was because if he REALLY had to pee he would do it like a girl, or if he had to pee, but it wasn't bad, he would hike and do it right. Since I got my male Pit-Great Dane mix when he was 3 months old (he's a little over 1.5 years old now), he squatted to pee, like this. Some will even squat and lift one leg while peeing, but you will see them peeing on top of places other dogs have gone etc. No one knows for sure how or why leg lifting got, ahem, kick-started. Lifting his leg is purely to allow the wee to spray upwards or sidewards. Is that correct?-Ask Your Own Dog Veterinary Question . This natural behavior is a territorial behavior related to the marking of territory and works as a means to tell other dogs “Hey buddy, I was here!” (To learn more about the reasons why dogs lift their legs during marking, go to our article here.) He’s typically a very submissive dog — at least he was for the first 3-1/2 years of his … We all started by sitting on the toilet with a "mr.ducky" toilet seat. The simple reason for why male dogs cock their leg to pee is because doing so-peeing on a vertical surface-distributes the scent of their urine over a larger area than if they simply squat to pass water. 3 Answers. No one knows exactly why dogs lift their legs to mark. Luckily, there are a variety of things owners can do to help curb this behavior. You might have seen your Siberian husky lifting his leg and not peeing. If you get your little one neutered before he is physically mature, then there's a strong chance that he won't ever begin to lift his leg during peeing. Sometimes he goes outside, squats, and doesn't get his urine everywhere. Répondre Enregistrer. :disgusted: Usually because he just stands there without even squatting or because he starts walking before he's finished. The release of bodily waste is important, but the dog is also marking its territory with its unique scent. Answer (1 of 11): I'm pretty sure there is nothing to worry about, a lot of male dogs pee like that. My standard poodle is tall and short backed.. he lifts his leg and his penis goes straight towards the front elbow. Why doesn't my dog lift his leg to pee? He is also likely to mark items that he feels belong to him such as anything that he has become possessive about including you. To be honest it'd not something your dog will grow out of. The physical act of lifting a leg allows your dog to pee higher. I wouldn't worry about it my male dog normally doesn't lift his leg to pee he pees like a girl. Puppies weren’t used in the study because they typically still squat, and older dogs weren’t chosen for the study because they might have mobility issues. He hasn't fully learned how to hike his leg like an adult dog. we have felt his legs and can't ascertain a problem with them. Relevance . She used shelter dogs, mostly mixed breeds of varying size, to assess if small dogs do indeed lift their leg at a higher angle and therefore pee higher, in comparison to large dogs. A dog lifts its leg to pee in order to make the act of urination a multipurpose one. Mature, unaltered dogs are more likely to lift their legs, and urine marking is more common in homes where there are multiple dogs. Many male dogs lift their leg to urinate. I have an intact male French Bulldog who's just over one year old. Canine experts offer various theories. It’s so common that most owners don’t even give it a second thought. My dog that we have now was fixed as an adult (he was a stray), and he lifts his leg to pee. These include medical reasons, marking territory, being too close to another dog, and not being spayed or neutered. His trying to lift his leg and nothing is coming out.