But they tend to get bored and don't get out to stretch their goaty legs. Quick Tip: 10-12 adult goats can clear ¼ acre of dense brush in about two weeks. California Grazing provides holistic land management and brush & weed control through grazing. From kudzu to honeysuckle, poison ivy to out-of-control privet hedges, Goat Busters can … Our goats graze flat land, hillsides, steep slopes and hard-to-access terrain. Goat Busters is quite simply the most environmentally sensitive method to clear land or control invasive species vegetation ever, short of going out and hand-pulling each and every little weed. Goats R Us is a family owned and operated grazing company. Affiliates help Goats On The Go® extend our service to more people in a responsible and cost-effective way. However, most often wethers or a castrated male goat is the best option. We Rent Goats® will supervise the goats while they’re on your property. We rent herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments… you name it and the goats can clear it. This is an eco-friendly, green and sustainable approach to ridding property of unwanted vegetation. Go Goats. HaakHagen Goat Grazing, LLC operates out of Poynette, WI, serving all of south central Wisconsin. Our goal is to help you restore and protect your property —whether that means getting rid of non-native weeds that are ruining your acreage, or creating fire barriers around your home, ranch, outbuildings, or housing development. If you are more interested in owning your own brush goats, please click here for goat sales. Goats are natural climbers and enjoy steep or rough terrain. How many goats are we talking about? Living on Earth Interview with Goats To Go. Goats will strip the leaves and small branches off blackberry canes. We deliver from 10-50 goats and/or sheep depending on the job. Raising Brush Goats. Unlike mowers that cut weeds and allow seeds to lie, goats consume most of the seeds along with the weeds, thereby preventing unwanted reseeding. Goats To Go, located at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA, is a family-owned and -operated service that supports weed and brush removal projects, as well as events such as Talks & Workshops and Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes with our baby fainting goats. Everyone has a story to share about goats. But from November to May, they are at home snuggling up in their Barn. Owned and operated by Mary Powell. We use both male and female goats for clearing brush. The goats are normally out eating invasive plants from May to November. During the Goats stay on your property we will check in on you and the goats to make sure all is going well. Bennett started in 2006 with 13 Boer and Spanish goats and now has more than 300 grazers for hire, while Hunter, who is based in Monroe and Twin Lakes, began with half a … Goats In Revere, Clean Saltmarsh. Owners can be happy the goats are going to a good home where they’ll live out their lives doing what goats naturally want to do. Affiliates are independent, hometown businesses serving nearby customers. Goats will reach and eat as high as they can stand on their hind legs. Fire Brush Management is our specialty. Brush Goats 4 Hire is happy to offer a local, Santa Barbara County, eco-friendly alternative to brush thinning and fuels load reduction through the use of this age old tool, the goat. Goats are browsers, not grazers, he said. Our fleet of 800+ environmentally friendly, self … It's important to us to provide our clients with safe, effective, and environmentally friendly landscape solutions. We bring goats to your location to eat a wide range of vegetation, such as blackberries, ivy, and other invasive species. SETUP AND SERVICES; by admin June 10, 2020. Mature goats can reach five to six feet above the ground or above if there is something to climb on! ABOUT. They can go places that clearing machinery cannot. Service Providers Ready to go for Spring 2020. Here at Goat-4-Rent, Goat Weed and Brush Control we strive to provide Fire Prevention in an Eco friendly manner by using our goats as a safe alternative. Brush Abatement: Using Goats Features Picture a herd of about 90 goats eating away at large sections of dry grass, weeds, thistles and anything that is flammable. Goats, Nature's Best Removers of Brush! Works well for thicket areas as well. Print “They have agile mouths and consume a wide variety of vegetation,” he said. We provide communities with environmentally friendly vegetation management as well as public education about alternatives to traditional abatement techniques. We have the youngest fleet in the tool hire industry, all our customers can rest assured that when we supply hire equipment it will work. The cost of gasoline and man hours to run the machines adds up quickly. Goats Browsing, Business Strategy. This is a win win for all, the leasor, the leasee, the goats and the land. Located on a grassy 10 acres in the central valley of Northern California, we specialize in eco-friendly Brush and Weed Abatement Service by using goats and sheep. Goatworx LLC specializes in the management of brush and weeds in backyards, riparian buffers, BMP Retention Ponds, and properties under five acres. Managed annual grazing can be an effective way to minimize poison ivy, kudzu, and invasive seed-bearing weeds … Hiking with goats is a great way to get out and exercise with a Goat Buddy. Goat rental is an easy, safe and effective way to remove fire hazards and get rid of weeds and other unwanted vegetation on your land, and our grazing service will do all the work for you: we bring in our own goat herd, set up temporary goat-safe fencing and take care of the goats … Martin Boer Goats and Weed Abatement Services is owned and operated by Scott Martin. Established in 1995, our livestock are used primarily for fuel mitigation and the eradication of undesirable plant species. WE ARE INSURED! Illinois  RENT A GOAT  Hire a Herd to clear your land. If you find someone willing to charge a lot less you can be sure you're dealing with a livestock feeder, not a targeted grazing service. We serve private industries, government agencies, and homeowners with our services. Click Here For More Information On Land Clearing Goats. IN THE NEWS; by admin May 21, 2020. Goats have a very high metabolism, so they are always hungry, which means when Mary opens the stock trailer gate, they are ready to go to work, eating your weeds, brush and invasive trees. A goat wrangler stays on site to take care of the herd. Goats can go places machinery can’t such as wooded property, vine-filled fencerows, hills, hollows and creek banks. This is preferred for some types of brush because the taller and thicker brush can be damaging to the udders. And when we leave, we’ll remove all evidence that the goats were ever there—except, of course, for your now weed-free property (and a little bit of fertilizer). Our happy, healthy, free-range goats service fire-prone areas around California. Goats are naturally good at brush clearing, Cochran says. I was one of the lessors with goats in Colorado for lease years ago. You will get fast and beautiful results using The Goat Squad to maintain your land! BRUSH REMOVAL. The Benefits of Using Goats Cost Effective Using heavy machinery is very expensive. “I obtain most of my goats when people call me trying to find a home for their unwanted goats. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - brush goats listings. When you hire Goats On The Go® you get an insured, experienced, conservation-minded service provider that delivers a thoughtful strategy, not just a bunch of goats. Barnyard Weed Warriors is a rent-a-goat herd grazing service that provides weed & fire control for your property. Let us do the work to clean up all the brush in your yard! brush goats in Texas at AmericanListed.com – Classifieds across Texas. We use our trusty team of goats for brush management and vegetation removal especially in difficult to access areas. And there may be a small amount of brush cutting that the goat wrangler will take care of by hand. You tell us what you want cleared, and our goats will do the hard work for you. We prefer to do jobs that require at least 100 goats. This will account for the portion of the plant that the goats do not eat. Goat rental works. Choose a link at the top to learn how our Goats can help you with your brush problems. We can eliminate noxious weeds, restore native grasses, and address fire prevention through fuel load reduction. Land that is covered in unwanted brush, weeds, leaves, invasive species, english ivy, poison ivy, poison sumac and kudzu Properties that are not landscaped or have valuable plants on them — the goats like almost anything that grows and can't tell the difference between a weed and an expensive plant. They are an ecological means of clearing brush, much cheaper than just the dumpage fee your landscaper would charge, don't take coffee breaks, and are fun to watch. We recommend a site/visit consultation as the first step in considering our service. Check the map of affiliate territories or the state-by-state list below to find an affiliate near you. Our goats love to eat nuisance plants like Japanese knotweed. Certain types of goats seem the best suited for the brush clearing operation, though. The goats will start by eating the leaves and such off the plants, and then the more woody stems. Rent a Goat fact: Hiring goats for grazing is not a lawn service; Goats love broad-leafed material, which means brush and invading field vegetation. Our continual commitment to improve our hire fleet with new and innovative products is unwavering, we understand that our hire tools keep sites moving and the hired equipment has to be cost effective, hassle free and reliable. The state of Colorado hired and still does hire herds to clear state land of noxious weeds. We specialize in the removal of unwanted brush. We all tend to lay low in the Winter months. You Can Now Rent Goats in Cleveland to Take Care of Unwanted Brush Posted By Bliss Davis bdavis@clevescene.com> on Thu, May 26, 2016 at 4:15 PM click to enlarge Before you know it, you will start to see a difference in the amount of brush. Goats are a great tool uncovering those hidden items that can be a hazard for brush removal equipment, like boulders, downed trees or human debris. Browsing goats are very effective at eating the kinds of excessive weeds and brush that pose a risk of unwanted fires. We service North East and Central Pennsylvania.