The fuel economy was poor. It is suppose to plug in between the computer and the main harness to modify the signals from the computer to call up more fuel. I just got a 97 Volvo going with a 12.7 Detroit set at 470. We manufacture the world’s #1 CAT diesel performance parts – the Platinum Power Harness and Platinum Fuel Harness. The most trouble free combination we have ever run is the Cat 3406C, and a Eaton 9 speed, the rig we currently have on the road. I had it towed to my shop. This is a Non-Wastegated turbo with a small exhaust housing, allowing for faster spool up. I have for sale a 2010 Kenworth T660. The 6NZ is already 16:1, there is no difference in truck and industrial liners for that engine. Since 2007, Platinum Power Group has been a reliable partner to CAT diesel engine owners across the globe. Also, the old file you originally had when you started is better than the late 475 file. Brand New. We dyno'd my 85 shaker at Great lakes Engine and it was pushing close to 650 at the wheels...a million mile motor. Watch; Adjustable Boost & fuel Caterpillar Cat Power wire harness Turbo C15 3406 . I recently bought a truck with a 3406E and I called Cat Power several times with serial # prospects. Cat changed some timin make in it. The displacement is 15.2 liters, or 928 cubic inches. The show trucks were beautiful – every year they just get better. That is most likely why the engine had low power after flashing it to a 7CZ. 55 sold. Dad's old Detroit was getting over 6 mpg on a grain trailer year around. The attached sheet shows some of the OE style numbers these can replace. The weather was terrible, with snow, rain and cold temperatures, but that did not stop the owner operators and company drivers that were outside with their rigs from putting on a great show. 1693 Cat – This is one of the best Cat truck engines. Our Big Rig Power engineers will tune your ECM, and we can ship you everything you need to do it yourself or do it for you at our 10 bay diesel shop. Our drivers love the performance gains they get out of the trucks. We were discussing how to get more horsepower out of a C15 Acert Twin Turbo Truck Engine. After some more digging, we found the primary air filter housing was cracked letting air in the fuel. Learn more The customer opted to make the repairs himself. used 1999 cat c15 6nz engine for sale in jackson, georgia. In the trip to red power I … A bit lud, but reliable and lots of power. And out fleet manager likes the increased fuel economy the trucks have after the kits are installed. " Cat rocker arms make sure the valves in your engine's combustion chamber open and close, delivering the right fuel to power your operation. The 7CZ engine takes a different piston and turbo than a 6NZ. Increase Cat Equipment Performance with Our Caterpillar Chips. $210.00. And do I need a larger turbo to go to 550-600hp? quantity: 1. Rebuilding An Engine & More BY BRUCE C. MALLINSON The Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY is now behind us. Will start cold but will only get about 1,100 rpm and starts smoking and missing. He said if you adjust the variable valve actuators from spec 0.50 ± 0.08 mm (.020 ± .003) to 0.762 mm (.030 inch), it will increase the horsepower more than 50. Iv got a 475 6nz and a 435 uprated to 475 5ek, and want more power. Buy It Now. CAT 70 PIN 2WS 6NZ Tune Up to 600 Horsepower *Pre 1999 Engine File* C15 & More - $259.51. The Cat® C15 Industrial Power Unit is offered in ratings ranging from 354-433 bkW (475-580 bhp) @ 1800-2100 rpm. $75.00. This is a bolt on upgrade for 3406, C15, & C16 engines. 380 Cat – This Cat diesel engine was strong, reliable, powerful and got decent fuel mileage. serial number: 6nz50757. Economy plus Power: improve fuel economy and add about 15% more power. 6nz cat engine with new main and rod bearings installed 475 hp engine has been inspected valve covers removed cam inspected complete engine with ecm with a 90 day warranty core penalty is 4500 if not a good core (01-11-2015, 12:33 AM) unilevers Wrote: (01-10-2015, 09:12 AM) chett101 Wrote: Hey guys, I was talking to a buddy who works at a Cat Dealer. Also talked with PDI and Pittsburgh Power and they all said the same. Demanding applications require superior performance – blaze trails with Platinum Power under the hood. To make big power you need cool ATAA set up...a real cat mechanic to turn up fuel del 6-8%...retarded pump timing to overall 10-14° and you got a motor that will out pull a 6NZ...never over heat...blow ZERO black smoke. I've posted things related to this before but still enjoy hearing talk on the CAT 3406E engine and the 3406B. Other then that I don't mind it at all. QUESTION: What Models are supported? Typically the single turbo cab gain about 75 horse power 150 ft lbs of torque. I'm still learning this subject myself. It died on the driver like you shut it off. 2012 CAT C15 S#11500042, 500kW standby/455kW prime, 277/480V 3ph, 60Hz, 1800rpm, 0 hours since rebuild/10,785 original hours, EPA Tier 2 CAT C15 diesel engine, 800A breaker, heavy duty air cleaner, EMCP 3.1 digital control panel. Shipping to: 98837. 98 Peterbilt 379 Cat 3406E 964ci 600hp+Pittsburgh Power and Stage III Michigan OR6051 turbo/boost blanket, Nathan P5 Amtrack Horn, 800 XCR Snowmobile Turbo triple, Avenger III instruments. 3408 Cat – This Class 8 truck engine was strong, was about 450 HP but truly put out around 550 HP. Diesel Power Generators, Natural Gas Generators If your business is searching for used industrial generators, select a generator type to satisfy all your power needs. We have run Cummins, Detroit T92's, Detroit 60 and Cat 3406C. It's definitely louder then my c15 cat, especially the Jake's, and I just put a new muffler on it. 6nz cat engine with new main and rod bearings installed 475 hp engine has been inspected valve covers removed cam inspected complete engine with ecm with a 90 day warranty core penalty is 4500 if ... see more details. The timing is different on these. 2000 CAT C15 6NZ Complete Engine for sale in SCRANTON, PA #1012. This Cat 3406C engine has 1.8 MILLION miles on it, it is well worn but has no oil leaks, uses very little oil and has never been overhauled. PDI Big Boss™ Products for CAT C15 engines are built to improve fuel mileage, increase horsepower, and deliver more torque. It has a 13 speed tranny and brand new easy pedal clutch, new clutch install kit (cross shafts, bushings, main shaft, bearings,) all new heater and … To further increase the durability, a 360 Degree thrust bearing design has been added to each of these turbos – ensuring the best performance for your BIG CAT for many years to come. ANSWER: Our CAT Power harness fit a wide range of engines. Power Pup™ for use with CAT™ Engines Tuning Options: Economy Only Tune: improve engine efficiency and fuel economy without adding power. As for the lack of fuel pressure and/or volume, it had stock fuel lines and fuel pump and it seemed those marine injectors demand more fuel volume/pressure than what is standard for a 6nz. Caterpillar Chips on Sale Now ! Will re … read more FOR SALE! On-Site & Available: 2001 Peterbilt 379 Daycab Winch-Truck, 6NZ-Single Turbo C15 CAT 475hp Engine, DP 75K lb Hydraulic Winch, 12,000/40,000lb Axles on 46,000 Air … I already have a 6nz that has 600 flash 127/0 fls fts and inj codes stage 3 michigan turbo(did have stage 5 but shaft broke and had 3 on shelf) anyway I want 800 hp to the ground with not to much smoke and good mileage the 6nz I got now averages 5.5-6.2. Watch the video to see how we diagnosed and repaired the lack of fuel pressure. Since they are different from the residential models, you need to choose the right generator size for your business. Brand New. Tuners, Exhaust Manifolds, Turbos, … I'm still needing more advice on turning the power up on a 3406E. Twin Turbo Acers gain about 80 HP and 200 ft lbs of torque. This built CAT 6NZ made power, but ran poorly due to a fuel issue. CAT® WATER PUMPS & PARTS Cat water pumps are built to extremely tight metal-to-metal clearances, manufactured for peak system efficiency, and tested to match stringent performance and endurance requirements. The Twin Turbo’s gain about 1 to 1.25 MPG. My first question is how do I get one of your tunes for the 6nz Mr. Haney? sold by: hd truck repair & parts jackson, georgia 30233. More CAT Complete Engines for sale at Boots & Hanks Truck Parts 2000 CAT C15 6NZ ... ratio is 5.4 inches by 6.75 inches, or 137 mm by 171 mm. They also said that the Cat dealer will add all the emission codes in your ECM if you get them to uprate the ECM. Good for roughly 750HP depending on supporting mods. I have a 06 Kenworth C15 6nz cat power. Save this search. Stage 1 This turbo is a great upgrade for an otherwise stock truck. I personally own 3 Pete 379's with the B model Cats and 1 Pete with the E model. ... Caterpillar fuel harness more HP Cat power wire harness C15 For 1993 & Up CAT. Free shipping. See rocker arm parts Cat C15 6NZ Performance Kit Testimonials "We have purchased the Premium Performance Kit from J&S after purchasing a number of of the Single turbo conversion kits. Keep your water pumps performing properly with high-quality replacement parts. With gains of 1.5 mpg together with longer engine life, faster spool-up, more power and lower maintenance, the single turbo conversion is the best upgrade available for your Acert engine. For fuel, single turbo’s gain about .75 to 1 mpg. 61 results for cat 6nz. Caterpillar chips are in Stock and ready to Ship Free. It has a C15 6NZ Cat engine, 550 horse power, that had a platinum done about 390,000 kilometres ago. Cummins Ecm 9317 Jacksboro Hwy Fort Worth, Texas 76135 10am-5pm Mon-Fri … For the Acert there is a difference because the highway version is 18:1 (or 17:1 for the 625hp) and the industrial version is 16:1. and whoever suggested cutting .040 off the top of those is an idiot because that does nothing.