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It’s more than just a job!

Life is what you make of it. If you are the type of person who thinks there is more to life than working in an office or a shop, who hates the ordinary but loves the extraordinary, who wants to learn not only new skills but also to test yourself, and who likes working with some of the friendliest people in Hong Kong, then we would love to hear from you.

Joining us means you become part of a passionate, energetic and professional team, serving airlines and passengers from all over the world.

So why do we say it’s more than just a job?

Well, if you want ‘a job’ then you can go and work anywhere: in a coffee shop, in an office, in a restaurant or in a shop.

But we believe that life should be all about doing interesting things, meeting new people, making friends, challenging yourself, rewarding yourself, learning new skills and, most important of all, enjoying yourself.

You weren’t born to be boring.

Why can we offer you this experience?

Firstly, working in aviation means you are part of one of the most modern, dynamic and fast-moving industries in the world. Every day is different. Every passenger has a different story to tell. The challenges you face change by the day, and sometimes by the hour.

Then why Jardine Aviation?

Simply put, we have the friendliest, most professional and enthusiastic people working with us.

Our staff don’t like to be one of many in a crowd. They believe that when you smile, the world smiles with you. They believe that we can learn from experience but also challenge convention.

We all work hard, but we don’t work alone. For an aircraft to leave safely, on-time and with happy passengers, many people all have to work together, supporting each other and learning from each other.

A Career with Us

Variety is the spice of life.

Within Jardine Aviation Services we offer a huge range of different career options.

Most people start in operations where they receive both classroom and on-the-job training that quickly helps them get started. We will teach you the skills you need, but you will also quickly learn yourself how to work in a team, improve your foreign language skills and strengthen your self-confidence.

After a while you also have the chance to switch to another role within the Group. This is something we very much encourage. The skills you learn in one function are immediately transferrable to the other functions and so someone who started in passenger services can then move to join the Turnaround Coordinator Team, where each day you will be responsible for handling some of the largest aircraft in the world.

We promote based on merit and performance. Education is important, but more important is that you can prove that you can handle responsibility, lead a team, take decisions and have plenty of enthusiasm.

Growing in the Company

Nearly all our senior staff started in front line operations but have worked their way through the organisation.

The skills and experience they have acquired now means they not only take decisions on how to grow our business but also their experience means they can better support their staff.

If you have enthusiasm, work hard, enjoy teamwork and love the industry then we will help you develop your career as fast as you can.

As part of this, our management trainee scheme will give you hands-on exposure to every area of the business. We will push you hard and challenge you often, but you will also learn fast and within a few years can expect to take up a key management role within the Group.

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